to our company,
welcome to our dream.

4r Soluciones started as a venture from a computer science students group and as time went by it turned into a Digital Producer and Software Factory Company in Santa Fe, Argentina.

At the moment, we have a large group of professionals working with us that are experts in digital technologies ( software engineers, analysts, designers and developers). They are at all times supported by professionals in strategy, finances, human resources and marketing. This team specializes in processes implementation and in the technology applied to them in both companies and massive apps use.

4r has been working nonstop from the start. Perseverance allowed us to move forward within the regional, national and international market, helping clients and solving different problems. This internal process encourages an exponential growth of our company, and we are always left with extra experience after helping our clients, whether big or small.

Strongly focused on the work processes and always learning and experimenting, our challenge is always the same: do what we like and what our clients like us to do.