to our company,
welcome to our dream.

4r Soluciones started in 2005 as a venture of computer science students in Santa Fe, Argentina. As time went by, the first niche were Marketing Agencies who needed a partner for Digital Production, until it turned into a Software Factory for Web and Mobile development.

At the moment, we are 25 professionals working in house (engineers, analysts, designers and developers) supported by consultants in strategy, finances, human resources and marketing. What makes us different? We put a stress on quality first product, and to achieve that we implement standard processes throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. Plus, we try to align expectations from the first moment and address communication seriously since these are both key to any successful project.

    Some recent numbers about us:
  • In 2019, our team coded 20.000 hours, and our goal for 2020 is 24.000.
  • Every developer that is hired goes through 3 to 5 interviews before he/she starts working.
  • Our Project Managers have 5 years of proven record working with US clients.
  • 200 projects quoted for US companies, with a 50% approval rate.
  • 120 face-to-face meetings with prospects in the US during 2018/19 led us to place 40% of our production for the american market in less than 2 years. At this pace we expect it to be over 60% by the end of 2020.
Being persistent and responsible allowed us to move forward helping clients with their initiatives and ideas. Each time a new product sees the light, it is an encouragement for the team and the professional growth each one experiments by helping others, no matter whether they are big or small.

There is not only a destination, there is also a journey. We want to be part of your next journey to make sure you reach the destination.